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The Rotunda fertility Clinic and Keyhole surgery Center was started at Dadar as Deccan Fertility Clinic to help patients complete their families without a huge strain on their resources.

Using soft stimulation protocols, the cost of cycles were brought down. It was truly a Budget IVF clinic.

We shifted to a new premise with a larger place  in Parel but continue to offer low cost services with no compromise on quality.

Our packages are designed to be affordable to most patients and include the cost of the costly medications, starting at as low as Rs 75,000 for an ‘IVF lite’ procedure.

We believe in patient involvement and transparency and options available to you would be discussed with likely success rates and appropriate guidance.

We will continue to support you through your pregnancy in whatever way we can to achieve our common goal of a baby in your arms.

We won’t rush you through an IVF cycle but get all your parameters of both partners to optimum possible to give us best results.

For fertility surgery  ‘Less is More’ and only the minimum surgery if at all is carfully done to preserve and enhance your fertility.

We completely understand the huge strain on resources and time as well as the emotional cost of undergoing an IVF treatment and do our best to make patients comfortable.

Fertility is not something people openly discuss. Yet grateful former patients revisit us with their babies and nothing gives us greater happiness than holding the little bundles of joy in our arms.