Mrs. ML

Hope you remember me. I was a patient of your clinic last year. I’m not living in Mumbai anymore, because of my job. But I wanted to show you the result of  your treatment. Her name is Nuria and she was born last 4th January. She’s a beautiful and healthy baby, and I wanted to thank you and all the staff for making it possible.Best regards.


After 10 years of trying at various clinics I finally conceived at Rotunda Blue and I would like to thank all the staff for my successful treatment.


We are really thankful to the Rotunda Blue team for helping us to get a baby through IVF.God Bless you all.


The doctors and staff of Rotunda Blue are very good. Their treatment and care is exceptional.


We underwent IVF and IVSI at many clinics but finally got success at Rotunda Blue.we had almost given up hopes of having a baby but Rotunda Blue doctors made it possible. Not to forget the staff who were also very supportive.

Mrs.S C

We got twin babies at Rotunda Blue after previous four failed IVF Cycles.We are thankful to Swati Mam and never forget Rotunda Blue Clinic in our life.

Mr.X D

My wife’s fibroid operation was done successfully. Rotunda has good team of Doctors and staff.

Mrs. V P

I got twin babies a boy and a girl ,thanks to Rotunda Blue doctors & staff.They were very kind and explained everything patiently.

Mrs. F K

Rotunda Blue gave us successful treatment and a lot of happiness.And I am specially thankful to Dr Rupin Shah,Dr Swati and Anjali Madam.

Mrs. RT

After 10 years of marriage and all kinds of treatment I came to Rotunda Blue and conceived in just 2 months.I would like to thank Dr Shivani, Dr Swati and the entire team who are very caring.

Mrs.S W

I had my first baby 5 years ago with Rotunda Blue and I have now conceived again with their treatment,everything is available here and the clinic is very nice.I have full faith that this clinic will a baby to ladies who want one.


I would like to thank Swati Mam,Shivani Mam and all sisters for helping me.I got success in my first attempt. Thank you Rotunda Blue.