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Rotunda is located amidst a business, healthcare & recreational district of Mumbai at Parel. It is at the Trust House (Global Hospital premises), Hospital Avenue, which is adjacent to the ITC Grand Central Hotel. It is conveniently  accessible by the  central, western and harbour railway lines of Mumbai.  Rotunda,situated in the heart of the city and serves patients from South and Central Mumbai as well as distant suburbs. It has a state-of-the art IVF Laboratory.

Here, we use careful and expert hands to create embryos from sperms and eggs , that can be transferred  to achieve a pregnancy or cryopreserved  for the future. We have a modular lab with separate Andrology and IVF areas. A well equipped operation area with adjacent pass through from the procedure room to the IVF lab ensures that eggs that are being retrieved or embryos that are being transferred are not exposed to detrimental fluctuations in environment.

The andrology laboratory is also conveniently located within the IVF Suite. we have a dedicated Intrauterine Insemination Suite with two designer IUI tables from Midmark, USA. A serene semen collection room equipped with audio-visual aids complements the attention paid to details.

The CODA air purification system and SPC SANUVOX air and object purifiers and disinfection system for IVF & ART cleans the air in the Lab and ensure a  good quality control.

The embryos are cultured  in Two Hera cell incubators and a MINC incubator . A heated & sterile work station from IVF-Tech, Denmark,  provides clean air over the whole of the working area and  meets  the requirements  for the screening of oocytes and evaluation of embryos .
Microsurgical procedures are performed at the micromanipulation workstation The Nikon Narishige Micromanipulation System in the lab offers ultimate performance and ease of use, with automated pipette set-up.

Strict quality control checks are maintained as part of the protocols for the ISO 9001 accreditation to ensure consistent results.